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Thursday, 24th November
Great review for new album "Out Of The Red"

Trad & Now magazine have written a great review for Rough Red's new album "Out Of The Red".... well done lads
Monday, 21st November 20

Hey, We are very excited to be playing one of our favourite Australian festivals -- the Illawarra Folk Festival --- in January. We have played Illawarra four times from memory, and it is always a great vibe. The dates are January 12 to 15, and full details can be found at www.illawarrafolkfestival.com.au You will get to hear The Reds playing both kind of shows --- our Songwriters Circle set, and our late night rollicking thing. We love to highlight both facets of the band so we hope to see many of our friends down there. It's a great line-up as usual...

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RoughRed Live...

Saturday, 4th March 2017
The Retro Bar 
2071 Moggil Rd 
Kenmore, Brisbane

3378 1209 for bookings

Friday, 24th March 2017
Yakadandah Folk Festival
Yakadandah, Victoria



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