Rough Red Update

When Rough Red took a break in 2004, the boys all undertook new projects. John Fegan and Peter Harvey both recorded solo records, and the other three – guitarist Steve Tyson, bass player John Barr, and drummer Dave Parnell, formed the twentysevens.
This three piece had no agenda, but was fuelled by a desire to play a more stripped back, roots-based brand of music, with “room to move”. They wrote and recorded three albums over a four year period – the diverse “Songs From the Middle Ages”, the blues-infused EP “Diplomatic”, and the predominantly electric “Sex, Politics & Religion”.
The highlight of the twentysevens’ career was being invited by legendary rockers Status Quo to tour the UK with them as their support act, during Quo’s 2006 Winter Tour. The band opened for Quo at 31 shows in 42 days, and documented the experience. The result was the DVD “Keeping (Up With) The Status Quo”, which is included in the package with the “Sex, Politics & Religion” album.
With Rough Red reforming in 2009, twentysevens only gets to play the occasional gig these days, but does have plans down the track to record another album.