Lady on the Wire



Product Description

1. Hard Dry Floor
2. Walking on the Milky Way
3. Just a Real Lucky Man
4. Lady on the Wire
5. Falling Colours
6. Going No Place
7. The Clock on the Wall
8. Will You Still Love Me
9. Good Heavens
10. The Devil Blues

“Lady On The Wire” is Peter Harvey’s third CD. He has maintained the approach taken with both previous pieces of work combining well-crafted lyrics with an open style of playing, and has once more teamed up with some fine musicians.
The underlying cornerstone of “Lady On The Wire” is the interplay between the acoustic guitars as recorded live in a single session – Harvey leans towards the traditional live performance recording style with few overdubs.
The material ranges across the musical spectrum somewhat but each piece maintains a solid organic sound rooted in folk/blues.
This is very much an acoustic work featuring the great Michael Fix on, the multi-talented Peter Hudson on drums/percussion , and the very cool Tim Finegan on double bass.


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