Temple Dog



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1. Road (Full Length)
2. Yesterday Was Free, Today it’s a Dollar Fifty
3. The Ballad Of Thomas Keating
4. War Torn
5.To Be There
6. The Spice Of Life
7. Old Whores
8. Crowded With Mist Again
9. So Lonely
10. Nothing Grey
11. The Great Divide
12. What You Hear Is What You Get
13. Dancing Like A Diplomat


What do a Japanese man fanning his penis in a train, a petrified Russian tour guide, a drunken Irish wife-basher, and an Australian trying to avoid the aftermath of 9-11 all have in common…? They are the inspiration for some of the extraordinary songs by Rough Red guitarist/mandolin-ist/songwriter Steve Tyson, from his debut solo album TEMPLE DOG. The critically acclaimed record is a collection of stories from Tyson’s journeys through exotic locations throughout the world, and time spent on the European folk/roots festival circuit.

Said Tony Hillier in his 4 star review in the Weekend Australian …

“TEMPLE DOG would assuredly have met with the approval of the great American writer Ernest Hemingway were he still around.”

Said Noel Mengel in his 4 star review in the Courier Mail..

“This is music with roots that go down deep….all of TEMPLE DOG is strong…”


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